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Digital X-Rays

Having been utilized since the early 1900s to detect and diagnose health issues, an X-ray is the oldest and most frequently used form of medical imaging. With the continuous advancement of medical technology, traditional X-rays have evolved into digital X-rays. This modernized digital type of medical imaging has a variety of benefits compared to the traditional X-ray.

  • Less radiation. Studies have revealed that a digital X-ray produces 80 percent less radiation than a traditional X-ray. It is extremely unlikely that you will develop any type of medical issue due to its radiation.

  • More efficient.   With digital radiography, storage space is unlimited as you can simply transfer digital images onto a hard drive for convenient access in the future. Also, digital X-rays images do not lose their quality. For dental providers, this means an easier, more accurate diagnosis process. For patients, this means that they can view their images on a larger scale to view more easily.

  • More environment-friendly. Digital technology is considered more “green” than traditional technology. A digital X-ray does not require chemicals or film paper that is disposed into the environment as a traditional X-ray does.

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